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2.52 Carat, Ritzy Round Ring with Diamonds, SI1 Clarity, 7.90gr. 18K Gold View larger

2.52 Carat, Ritzy Round Ring with Diamonds, SI1 Clarity, 7.90gr. 18K Gold


A 2.52 ct. Ritzy round ring with diamonds. What an exquisitely designed ring! The multiple range of these SI1 clarity stones arouses excitement and anticipation. A very unique ring for a very special occasion. Don't delay, purchase it now!

 0.67ct. center stone GIA certified. 1.85ct. Small diamonds, 7.90gr. 18K Gold.

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Item Number R5208
Certificate GIA
Certificate Number 3145287326
Color White
Shape Round
Measurments 5.74 - 5.81 x 3.37mm
Weight 0.67 Carat
Clarity SI1
Color Origin Natural
Polish Good
Symmetry Good
Fluorescence Medium Blue
Metal Type 18K Gold
Metal Weight 7.90gr.
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